Immersive Full Custom

Are you an Interior Designer, Furniture Company, or Architect? Do you need a product made just for your customers "Full Custom"?  

We can put our design and production expertise at your disposal. Our solutions are no match for the mass of competitors who simply propose to participate in one bid among many with ever decreasing prices.

Our solutions born to make your interior design unique, unique design, exclusive sourcing of unobtainable and luxury materials turned marbles, moulded and varnished ceramics in high vacuum, fine woods, cables coated with precious materials such as leather and copper, oversized and very light K9 crystal elements..

We are not competitors of the usual companies of the classic "Contract, we are simply different because we offer in each of our industrial projects an exclusive study, with ad hoc research of stylistic and lighting solutions as well as automation and integrated home automation. In addition, our offer is designed to offer immersive 3D/AR sharing in interactive mode, developed thanks to our status as a Recognised Innovative Enterprise, so that your customer cannot help but be amazed by the innovation you offer. We are different because we offer in each of our projects an exclusive study, with ad-hoc research of stylistic and lighting solutions, as well as automation and integrated home automation.

Lightinup is the first Made in Italy High-End Lighting Manufacturer Decorative  that proposes the concept of "Digital Manufacturing" -Chamber of Commerce Certified Producer, Innovative Start-Up recognised by the Italian Companies Register and Habitual Exporter in possession of DUNS, EORI, REX and LUCID codes. Our service will support you in all phases of logistics and installation by providing you with impeccable installation manuals and all O&S manuals your international clientele needs.

For hospitality Handmade lamps by Lightinup

Exploit now the potential of a new way of interacting with immersive manufacturing.

Right from the design stage, making the purchaser's experience unique, such that they experience the birth of their product as procreation and see it come to life even before they receive it.


Discover more on the 3D/AR customisation